Privacy policy

Below are Growth Corner Oy's privacy policy description and policy regarding data protection. 

"Applies to Growth Corners' current and potential customers."

The integrity of our customers and potential customers

Growth Corner provides digital marketing services and the provision of this type of service to companies would be difficult or not possible without the processing of personal data. We mainly process contact information for contact persons and other designated responsible persons in our customer companies. Which also applies to potential customers. Personal data means all data that can be linked to an identified or identifiable person. Examples of personal information include name, e-mail address, and personal identification number. 

Growth Corner processes personal data that is related to current customers, potential customers, by following this privacy policy description and current legislation. This data protection description may be updated in connection with the development of our business or when there are changes in legislation.
When providing our marketing services to companies, we often handle the role of personal data assistant for our customers. Therefore, there is also a need to read our customers' own principles for processing personal data. We process the customer's personal data for the benefit of the customer when there is a valid agreement between Growth Corner and the customer in question.

Data Protection Officer

When processing personal data, Growth Corner Oy (or hereinafter also referred to as "we") is responsible for personal data, see further information below:

Growth Corner Oy
Business ID: 3152567-8
Rauhankatu 40 As. 7
65100 Vaasa
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +358 40 413 7970

In cases that include data protection and customer registers are provided by Dennis Nygård, who also acts as Growth Corners data protection representative.

What is the purpose of Growth Corner's collection of personal data? On what grounds are personal data collected?

Personal data is collected, stored, and processed according to predetermined purposes. The storage and processing of personal data are always based on current legislation. The usage target for personal data is specified below:

  1. Delivery of marketing services to companies. Personal data is collected to fulfill and deliver services entered into a service agreement between the customer and Growth Corner. The purpose of the personal data is for the execution of projects, invoicing, complaints, and processing of responses. The legal grounds on which this personal data is collected are for the preparation and execution of agreements and legitimate interest.
  2. Marketing and communication aimed at our customers and potential customers. Our customers 'and potential customers' personal data may be processed in digital marketing, e-mail marketing, and social media marketing. The purpose of the collection and processing of personal data is to direct messages to our customers and in the search for new potential customers. The person in question also has the right to prohibit direct marketing directed at him or her. Consent to direct marketing can take place, among other things, by approving subscriptions, e.g. newsletter. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is our legitimate interest.
  3. Business development. Personal data may be processed in order to be able to develop our business regarding our marketing services aimed at companies. The legal basis for this is our legitimate interest.
  4. Legal obligations. To be able to fulfill legal obligations, such as taxation and accounting, personal data is also collected and processed.


From which sources does Growth Corner collect personal data?

Current customers and potential customers

Personal data that is collected regarding our customers and potential customers is largely collected by the people themselves. The collection of personal data regarding new potential customers takes place mainly from LinkedIn and company websites. Another significant source for collecting personal data for new potential customers is our contact forms on our website. When using our website, personal data is also collected through Google Analytics.

For customers, the collection of personal data is usually covered by the following:

  • First name and surname
  • Email address
  • Job title
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Company name, company contact information, other information and business ID
  • Customer's contact person at Growth Corner
  • Level of customer relationship and customer life cycle
  • Customer's buyer persona
  • Language
  • Basis for collection and processing of personal data (service agreement, consent and legitimate interest)
  • Notes from phone calls, meetings, Growth Corners other information
  • Conversation- and meeting information (time and notes on what has been discussed)
  • Sales history
  • Email conversation
  • Consent or prohibition of marketing

Who at Growth Corner processes your personal data? Does Growth Corner disclose personal information to other third parties?

Processing of personal data may be outsourced, we use, among other things, cloud-based services for processing and storage of personal data. This means that a large part of personal data is available in an electronic format. Subcontractors are used in the processing of personal data in the following situations:

  • Cloud storage
  • Automated marketing
  • Financial management
  • Email marketing
  • Project management

When we use service providers, we always ensure that the confidentiality of personal data is secured. We also ensure that personal data is processed in accordance with current legislation and that the data is only processed for our purposes.

If an authority or court requires, we can transfer the personal data. Personal data may also be transferred if Growth Corner becomes the subject of a company acquisition or acquisition of a business.

Is the personal data transferred by Growth Corner outside the EU?

As a rule, no personal data is provided outside the EU. We use service providers for the storage and processing of personal data in cloud-based services, which may mean that some of these services and companies are located outside the EU. Google and Mailchimp are examples of service providers we use, which are located outside the EU. To ensure the confidentiality of personal data, we use adequate protection methods mentioned in existing legislation.

  • Transfer of personal data according to the European Commission to a country with an adequate level of protection.
  • Transfer of personal data to an EU-US Privacy Shield certified company (recipient is located in the USA).
  • Transfer of personal data according to EU model clauses.

How long is the personal data stored by Growth Corner?

Personal data is not stored longer than is seen necessary by law or for personal data purposes anyway. The period for storing personal data may vary depending on the purpose of use, situations or other legal basis for processing. When a person cancels their consent or at the request of the person, the data can be deleted. The personal data can also be deleted when an agreement terminates or if the personal data is considered incorrect or outdated. The storage period can also vary depending on legislation and requirements of authorities. Our principles are to update and / or delete incorrect and outdated personal data every year.

How is Personal Data protected and stored by Growth Corner?

The personal data is protected according to a set of standards in the industry in which Growth Corner operates. To an exclusive extent, the personal data is stored in electronic form. The personal data is always treated confidentially, which means that the personal data is not disclosed publicly, sold or rented out for various marketing purposes.

Is it mandatory to provide personal information to Growth Corner?

An exclusive part of the personal information is given voluntarily to Growth Corner, which is primarily potential customers' personal information. In the following situation where an agreement is to be entered into between Growth Corner and the customer, it is mandatory to provide personal information. This is done in order to ensure that the person in question has the authority to enter into an agreement on behalf of the company. Mandatory personal data is also needed, in order for Growth Corner to be able to ensure that all obligations under the agreement are fulfilled and that Growth Corner's rights are fulfilled. 

Are cookies used on Growth Corner's webpage? What are cookies?

Cookies are used on Growth Corner's website. This is done in order to provide a better user experience for visitors of the website. Cookies are short text files that are saved in the user's browser when you visit a website. The use of cookies can be approved or blocked by the user under the settings in the browser. When blocking cookies, there may be limited access to certain parts of the Growth Corner's website. Cookies are used by Growth Corner to be able to analyze the use of the website and to do targeted marketing. Cookies are also used to develop Growth Corner's services.

What are your rights regarding your personal data?

Withdrawal of consent

Consent may be revoked when the processing of personal data has been done on the basis of consent. If you wish to withdraw your consent, you can contact Growth Corners' data protection representative.

Access and request for control of personal data

You hold the right to receive information about how your personal data and which personal data is processed by Growth Corner. You also have the right to receive information about the grounds for the processing of personal data.

The right to have incorrect, obsolete and incomplete personal data corrected

You have the right to request Growth Corner to correct incorrect, outdated or incomplete personal information.

The right to prohibit direct marketing

You hold the right to prohibit direct marketing even though we do not process your personal data. To prohibit direct marketing, contact Growth Corners' data protection officer.

The right to restrict the processing of personal data

You have the right in certain situations to demand that the processing of your personal data should be restricted.

The right to data portability

If the processing of your personal data takes place via consent or in order to fulfill an agreement entered into, then you have the right to have your personal data disclosed in an electronic format, for the purpose of transferring the personal data to another service provider.

How can you as a person exercise your rights regarding your personal data?

The above rights can be exercised by contacting Growth Corners' data protection officer. When contacting regarding the exercise of rights, you need to be able to present your identity, for example by providing a copy of your identification. Upon presentation of identification, you must cover personal information that is not needed by Growth Corner. If the processing of personal data is considered contrary to any legislation, you should contact and report a complaint to the office of the data protection ombudsman.

Do you update the privacy policy?

The data protection policy may be updated during the development of our business or when legislation changes. Changes to this privacy policy will take effect immediately upon publication of the updated version.